High School Meeting Calendar
The 2017 high school soccer season starts in early September.  
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How do I become a referee for high school soccer?
If you are 18 years of age or older and interested in officiating High School soccer, you are at the right place. In Oregon, the high school soccer season runs from September through November.

Oregon High School Eligibility
The complimentary NFHS Interscholastic Officiating Course is an on-line alternative to the local association course and can be accessed here.

Officials may now check their OCEP Principals and Playoff status by visiting the OAOA website--clicking on the OCEP link.  It takes about 7-10 days following a clinic/course for the lists to be updated.  If you believe there is an error in your status, contact Clark via email at: clark@oreofficials.org.

High School Registration
Referee registration for the 2017 high school fall season will be open on the OSAA/OAOA Officiating Central Hub website in June 2017. Access the registration page at the following link: http://osaa.arbitersports.com.
  • Login (use the same login address as last year)
  • Click on Register Now� icon in center of page
  • Click on Oregon Officials�
  • Click on Soccer Registration
  • Follow the prompts
Packet fee for Soccer:$53.50. (paid via VISA or a debit card)

Packets will be mailed starting on July 2017 and sent directly to each official using the information you provide during the registration process.

It is imperative that you verify the address listed in Arbiter as your correct mailing address before submitting payment. If you completed the online registration process last year, using the same email address will simplify the process. Fields will be populated automatically for you on many of the steps--make any adjustments that may be necessary. If you have changed any personal information (i.e. mailing address, email address, etc.) after registering last year, you should login to ArbiterSports using your old email address and password, update your profile with the new information;� then complete the registration process.

OSAA Registration and NFHS Testing timelines are summarized in the below:

  • Testing Opens: June 2017
  • Test Review Opens: August 2017
  • Testing/Registration Closes: October 2017

What is the fee schedule for high school games?
Regular Season Games
  • 6A,5A,4A Varsity fee - $56.25
  • 6A,5A,4A Sub-varsity fee - $42.25
  • Sub-Varsity Extended Contest: $10.75
  • 3A,2A,1A Varsity fee - $50.75
  • 3A,2A,1A Sub-varsity fee - $38.25
  • Sub-Varsity Extended Contest: $9.75
State Tournament Games:
  • 6A,5A,4A Varsity fee - $61.25
  • 6A,5A,4A Sub-varsity fee - $52.25
  • Sub-Varsity Extended Contest: 1/3 state championship fee
  • 3A,2A,1A Varsity fee - $55.75
  • 3A,2A,1A Sub-varsity fee - $48.25
  • Sub-Varsity Extended Contest: 1/3 state championship fee

Typically, state championship varsity games feature four officials with three running a diagonal and a fourth on the sideline.


Stacked Game Protocol
Offered in three different formats:

What is COSOA?
The Central Oregon Soccer Officials Association supports staffing of local high school, recreational, tournament and men's league soccer games.

How do I become a soccer referee?
Great to hear! Oregon Referee Committee offers an outstanding resource to learn what it takes to become a soccer official, what challenges they will face and what skills they will need to meet those challenge.

What is COSOA's mission?
In general, COSOA supports competitive soccer in Central Oregon at the following levels: